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About Us

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Unmatched Craftsmanship

Redefine Your Brands’ Identity with Unique Tags

Craft a distinctive brand identity with Unique Tags. Founded in 1994, our commitment to quality and innovation ensures each label reflects your brand’s essence with excellence.
Over 30 years of perfecting unique brand experiences.
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Years Of Experiences

Shape Your Brand's Essence with Unique Tags

Experience brand elevation with Unique Tags. As a 1st Generation business group spearheaded by Mr Rajeev Mardia, we redefine product identity, leaving a lasting mark on consumers.
Quality Craftsmanship
Distinctive Design Solutions
Global Recognition
Sustainable Practices

Explore Excellence

Discover our innovative products and experience a new era in branding. Explore the excellence of Unique Tags.

Streamlined Workflow

Effortless Label Crafting

Sit tight through our seamless process where precision meets creativity at Unique Tags. Located in the garment hub of Ahmedabad “Manchester of India”, our team of 400+ employees ensures simplicity and excellence in every label crafted for your brand.



Tailored Consultation

Start your journey with a tailored consultation. Our dedicated 24/7 design department guides you, ensuring a seamless process and optimal label solutions.

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Premium Material Selection

Choose excellence by selecting the finest materials for your labels. Our premium options guarantee a perfect blend of quality and style.


Global-Ready Export Process

Be ready for global success as we streamline your export process. Trust our State-of-the-art ISO-certified QC Lab at Unique Tags for efficient and reliable international label solutions.


Connect for Personalised and Innovative Solutions

Connect with Unique Tags for label solutions that redefine branding. Reach out now for excellent quality and unparalleled service.

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Fashion Impact

Setting Trends with Unique Tags

Set trends and make a statement with Unique Tags. Our labels embody style, quality, and innovation, shaping impactful fashion experiences.
Shreya Mardia

CEO Uniquetag

Shreya Mardia

Nimit Mardia

Product Designer

Nimit Mardia

Nimit Rajeev Mardia

Nimit Rajeev Mardia

Managing Director

Nimit Rajeev Mardia, the Managing Director of the company, boasts over ____ years of experience and holds a Masters in Business from DeMontfort University in the UK. His leadership extends to spearheading production and operations, where he focuses on plant modernizations, systems upgradations, and ensuring efficient capacity utilization. His role also encompasses maintaining service level performance, reflecting his commitment to the company's operational excellence.

Shreya Mardia

Shreya Mardia

Executive Director & Marketing Head

Shreya Mardia, the Executive Director and Marketing Head, boasts over 11 years of marketing experience across diverse industries such as real estate, pharmaceuticals, fashion retail, and technology. An alumna of the prestigious Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, and IIM Ahmedabad, Shreya leads the entire marketing and sales function. Her strategic vision aims to propel UTPL's growth by 2x within five years, expanding the portfolio of export and organized brand customers while nurturing and expanding the team for sustained success.

Our Customer-Centric Excellence

Rely on our qualified and experienced Customer Support Team, available 24/7, dedicated to seamless order processing, swift dispatches, and addressing any service requests quickly.

Our Presence

With Sales & Business Development Associates strategically located in garment hubs - Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Tirupur, we bring our services closer to you.

Our Expertise

Our professional team spans diverse product verticals, with over 300 collective years of experience in the garment accessories industry.

Our Journey at a Glance

Our Journey at a Glance